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Professional Craigslist flagging

Marketing at Craigslist is always a good choice but CPFS can get you the best results with our professional team flagging ads before you competitors do. All that needs to be done is submitting the AD URL and the listing will be complete in a short while. Our FLAGGING service will guarantee you more sales. We will flag anyone you consider a competition or if they are trying to scam or spam you. We will do it because YOU want us to.

Timing Schedule

Timing on Craigslist matters a lot. You need to see your own ads and its view and to see the ads of your competitors as well. As part of our services, we also offer schedule timing. This means we will checking these things for you and flagging your competitors so the buyers choose you instead. Pick a time of your convenience and we will make it happen.

Prompt Flagging

The entire process of working with us is very simple and hassle free for you. You just need to give us your AD URL and the listing will be gone. You can also give us the name of any company in any category and we will glad their ads for you. This way your ads will be the top in the search category and the buyers will approach you first.

Flagging scam ads on Craigslist

Apart from dealing with competitors, you also have to deal with scam ads on Craigslist. Someone might copy your entire ad and put it up as their, diverting buyers from you. To end such scams, we will check who has appropriated your ad and bring them down. Scam ads do happen quite often but with our help you can remove whoever tries to steal your ads.

Saving your reputation on Craigslist

Spams on Craigslist are pretty common and they can damage the reputation of a business. For example, a Texas car dealership suffered due to a spam on in March, 2011. The scammer put up fake ads with different deals on Craigslist from the car dealership. As a result, the dealership had to talk to its customers and work on restoring its reputation. But with us by your side, you can stay safe from such problems.

Spam Ads Flagging

Then there are those competitors or spammers who just keep posting their same ads repeatedly. This can hamper your business needs but don’t worry about that because we can help you avoid them. 

Daily Reporting

You will have guarantee of our quality work when we send to you daily reports about the ads that we have flagged for you.

Award winning customer support

Since we have always provided quality service, in 2014 we were honored with this prestigious award: “Excellence in a Contact Center”

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