June 9, 2016

Renewing VS Reposting


Renewing VS Reposting

When it comes to Craigslist posting they may be harsh on their limitation or rules. You have to follow their rules or even better find the tricks that help your ad survive. Craigslist has been known for their great traffic and leads that you can receive even if it for sales, service or any other category.


Renewing cl adsRenewing an ad could be as easy as it says just to renew automatically it rs renews your ad and it places it on the top of the category and it a best option when it comes to your competitors this is considered an active post. But after the ad has been active for 30-day threshold and expired the we need to repost and its simple also, Just go to your account and check under the repost section and click on the repost button next to your expired ad. This will create a brand new ad,editable and on the top of your category and hopefully ad will have a 30-day lifespan. Remember that this is the useful way to repost or renew but not always Craigslist let´s s get away with it without being deleted, ghosted or flagged.

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